Deepest Times of Healing

What, dear one, is the purpose of your meditation? Compassion, kindness, gentleness—rises up in you when you delve deeper and deeper into what you desire in your spiritual growth. How do you want that growth to manifest in the world? We have some advice for when your times in meditation seem to flounder as they may be doing now. Going into spiritual practice saying “in this meditation I want to learn more about the true nature of compassion, and I want to be empowered to be more kind” or by stating any other appropriate intention determines that your meditation will result in just that. Meditation is not just some ethereal flow of time when you are drawn along for no purpose. Meditation flowers in intention as you give your attention to your purpose in that time of listening and quiet. While you may not know how it happens— or how Spirit works through those times of your entering into your deepest times of healing, you know what can happen. As you enter into a place of yearning to understand your oneness with All There Is, and as you yearn to know the gracious embrace of endless Love, you have started well. We will leave you to it, trusting that you are opening your eyes to a deeper meaning for your meditation. Fondly, Maralda

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