Your Courageous, Holy "Yes"

You must not say to yourself "I can never allow myself to fail". We know your world does not often reward risk-taking and yet, taking that difficult risk is one of the most useful spiritual lessons on this side of consciousness. Through failure you learn that life--both the Life of the Universe and your own life is not dependent upon your succeeding at everything you try. Risk-taking raises up courage you did not know you have, and gives you access to levels of your spiritual journey that you will not encounter if safety and guaranteed success is more important to you than growing and thriving in Love and Spirit. When you enter new worlds of spiritual understanding and reflect in ways that you have not allowed yourself to do before, you give Spirit the opportunity to grace you with gifts beyond your wildest imagination. Your limitations are self-imposed. Spirit waits for your courageous, holy "yes". Fondly, Maralda

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