Eternal Spirit of Wholeness

You get so caught up in all that you are experiencing as you walk your journey, that you may start to forget that Spirit is eternal. Spirit of Wholeness is complete as it is. You will continue to change and grow in your ability to fully realize and recognize Spirit of Wholeness in your spirit, but Spirit is from all time and for all time whole. Although the concept of time is a human expression, we want to assure that you understand our meaning. For truly, time in Spirit has no meaning. Throughout your time in this life it is your challenge to remember--to remember and connect with Spirit inside. Spirit will propel you forward through whatever is facing you at present. There is no guarantee that you will not experience sadness, or pain, or even fear--do not reject or deny those feelings. Allow Spirit to transform them and show you the growth that lives within. My child, embrace the Eternal Spirit of Wholeness in your life today. Fondly, Maralda

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