A Feast of Freedom

Is it possible that you are trying so hard to do the next right thing in your life that you are talking and listening at the same time? My child, your talking may not be heard aloud, but it is talking nevertheless. You need silence to quiet your busy mind. Only when you discover the silence of a stilled mind and the calm of a heart at rest, will you begin to hear and discern the truth. Why, then, is it so hard for you to center down into the silence of your soul and live in the way of peacefulness? Are you frightened of the demands of the silence or are you frightened that there are no demands at all--that you are, once and for all, acceptable exactly the way you are? Learning to live in that kind of love is a feast of freedom--a call to all there is. May you find the courage to be loved into Silence, at long last. Fondly, Maralda

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copyright Carol L. Chambers