Today Is Your Day

Today is a day to cleanse your heart--to open it wide to the air around you, feel the gentle breeze or the violent storm and allow all that is within that is hurting your soul to be swept away. Today is the day to visit the cool sparkling spring that is your spirit flowing over your heart saying, "Come back, come back to your center, to where you are refreshed and joined with the deep roots of your life. For your heart can only hold so much negative energy before there is no room for the positive light of the sea and sky. Today is the day to hold your heart in your hands and remember to tell yourself that you are loved by YOU. And today is the day to let that love in to soothe and caress all that hurts you are letting go of just before you thrown your hands high into the air allowing that which you let go to fly into pure, transforming energy. Today is your day. Fondly, Maralda

wst in tree.png