Rest for Your Body

Do not underestimate the power of rest for your body as you contemplate rest for your soul. You may believe that you can; but, you cannot push yourself beyond where your body is prepared to go. That preparation takes time and gentle love. You must believe that your spiritual growth is deeply connected with your physical well-being. This does not mean that you have to be in perfect health, it means that you have to be in the best possible health that is available for you in this moment. Sometimes you learn valuable lessons when your bodies fails you for a day, a month, a year even. But what you must learn, most of all, is that you must be kind to your body as it regenerates. Your physical rest is as important as your spiritual rest. Do not forget that those spiritual pilgrimages you make to sit or walk in nature can heal your body as it heals your spirit if you set both as your double intention. Breathing salty air or mountain air or forest air clears your lungs as it clears your spirit. Open up your physical heart every time you open up your spiritual heart and you will learn this is true. Do not ignore those whispers of discomfort or fatigue. They are merely signals from your body, saying in love: "remember me?" Fondly, Maralda

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