The World Needs You at Your Best

Things are chaotic in your world around you. We wish that were not so. It becomes so much more difficult to put aside all those things which would call you away from the core of your being. We love you and want you to grow, but you must invest your time in your growth. Let noise be simply noise. Concentrate on that which brings you joy. Learn lessons from the noise if you must, but walk away from that which does not contribute to your greater good. The world needs you at your best--never has that been more true. You are on your way to finding that which calls to your deepest heart. Continue that journey and do not be distracted. Meditate, contemplate, yearn for the highest understanding of that which you are currently capable. The rest will come as you open to it. Walk forward, backwards if it serves you well; but walk by the light of Universal Goodness and you will begin to find an even greater Truth than all your previous discoveries. Celebrate your journey. We are here. Fondly, Maralda


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