Who Are You?

Who are you? We would suggest that sitting quietly in the solitude of your soul is the only way for you to answer the question. Looking to others will get you only so far--mostly as far as the edge of who they know themselves to be for they are not you. You are unique in all the world. As you embrace your uniqueness, the answer will come. Perhaps you believe you have already found your calling, already been pointed to your questions. We would suggest that you look again. There is no such thing as searching too deeply. There is only learning to be gifted to you by your guides and teachers. Never forget that the teaching comes from your heart, from what you already know, but have not been able or willing to bring it to the surface. Relax, settle into what you know today and open your heart to newness and transformation. We promise that it will come if you are open to hearing, feeling, and imagining. Your creative self will lead you in the direction you are meant to follow in tenderness and love. Trust in all that you are and in the preparation for all that you can be. Fondly, Maralda

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