The Voice of Spirit

We want you to learn even more deeply how important others are in your life. Even though you may appreciate all you encounter as uniquely special, think of the wonderful gift of knowledge you could gain if you began to seek out the divine in each person you meet. Recognizing the divine in everyone or every thing that is placed in your life will bless you with a multitude of ways to hear the Voice of Spirit. Learning to trust that Spirit uses those who are present in every moment enables you to open yourself to the wisdom of the entire Universe. As you come to understand that all you meet--whether human, animal, or part of nature's beauty--can lead you to the mystery of the Divine, you will spend more time seeking out those voices who yearn to contribute to your journey to wholeness. So stay alert to the speaking of holy words in places you might not expect. Not only will you experience a sharing of Spirit; you will come to understand that you are embraced in love and unlimited possibilities. Fondly, Maralda

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