The Real Journey

We urge you to spend more time in meditation as you call it. Doing it well is not only time-consuming, it is risky as well. You must prepare yourself. The small truths upon which you "contemplate" will lead you to the “Truth”. When you come to recognize the Truth that you are one with All That Is, you are required to change and to respond. None of this is a quick process. It takes commitment and intention to determine to put aside thinking and come into knowing that all that is true is already within you. You and so many others are so used to speed that you easily fail to place value in the slowness of the real journey. If you are on your journey to yourself you will change and become new on a daily, perhaps even hourly, basis. And as you commit yourself to such a journey your existence is transformed into Life and Light. I leave you to your meditation. Fondly, Maralda

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