Lonely Journeys

You have taken many lonely journeys in your life. You feel alone and you begin to act and think as if you truly are alone. The Divine, this sacred Source, is traveling with you. Open your heart to the possibility that you are not really alone. Remember that we are with you and that other spirit guides are with you, too. The Source never leaves and, is, indeed, the journey itself. You have been hurt many times and we understand that trust comes with great difficulty for you. Your scars from past wounds are already healing in the embrace of the tenderness of Spirit as Sacred Wholeness embraces you freely. There will be other hurts and you will feel alone again. Your challenge is to remember the love that is always available if you make yourself available to be loved. Fight the urge to say to yourself “I am not loved” for you are loved very much. Spirit longs to wrap you in gentle wave of comfort and set you sailing in the calmer waters of compassion and peace. Fondly, Maralda

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