You Are Enough

We see that you are easily frustrated today. Your body is not cooperating in some way. You feel out of sorts. You have learned well to be kind to yourself and to give yourself permission to do exactly what you can do and to know that in this moment, it is enough. You are enough. It is a step forward in challenging the inner expectations, the shoulds, the woulds, and the oughts. As important as your work is today, it is far more significant that you know that you are loved exactly the way you are. As the inner and outer expectations begin to weigh heavily on your shoulders, brush them away as if they were but feathers. Do not give them weight to hold you back or push you farther than you are able to go today. We know that there will be better days, that your body will say "here I am world, just try to stop me now." It is important that you believe that as well. We are beside you wherever you are and wish to remind you that enough is enough is enough and you, our dear child, are enough today and always. Fondly, Maralda

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