A Sacred Trust with Time

There is no need to squander time by fearing that you do not have enough time to do all that you wish. The Universe knows the need of each person to feel as if time will not slip away unnoticed. Make a habit of gratitude for each moment, for each task accomplished, for each dream realized. When you approach time with gratitude it stretches beyond what even you thought you needed. Your time is precious because you are precious. If you do not finish all that you believe that you should have finished during your time on this earth in this lifetime, know this--you will have finished all that the Universe required of you. Develop a sacred trust with time. Let it befriend you. Accept the limitations of time with grace and the moments will grow more beautiful as they pass. Revel in each moment. We are beside you. Fondly, Maralda

Are you feeling rushed today? Can you give yourself permission to take a break and be in this moment so that you will treasure the next one even more?

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