Just for Variety?

Are you calling on the resources that you already have inside your precious spirit or are you looking for new ones just for variety. Perhaps it is better to focus your intentions on learning as much as you can, growing as deep as you are able about that which has already been revealed before running off to find something new. This is the way of your world and its short attention span. You did not grow from child to adult overnight and you will not grow into the fullness of your spiritual transformation with the same kind of patience. How often, as a child, did you wish to be older than you were? And yet, it never happened until it happened. It is the same for spiritual understanding and transformation. There is no substitute for time--time spent in yearning for the deeper ways. May you stay focused on your current learning until you know in your heart and not your head that you are ready. Fondly, Maralda

What inner resources are awaiting your revisiting?

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