Walking in the Light

We want to wish you well during your days of love. You may struggle to find your way through your holidays, feeling alone at times, yearning at times, and unsure at other times. Yet, the Light that began on the Winter Solstice continues to become brighter and brighter as if to say, your feelings are real but the Light is bright enough to hold those feelings lovingly in its arms and you as well. Loneliness brings compassion for you are not alone. It's a paradox we know, but as you think of all that you have, the sadness creeps away at least for a time and you can be happy for those who are happy and cry with those who cry. It is all growth and the assurance that we walk with you is our gift to you. May you spread that gift to others. Fondly, Maralda

As you are open to your own feelings around this holiday time, may you be tender toward whatever you are feeling. If your feelings do not match those of others, be gentle with yourself and give yourself the gift of acceptance, love, and walking peacefully where you are. Whatever you believe, and however you celebrate, may you embrace the Light as the Light embraces you. Namaste

wst in tree.png