Do It Anyway

Most of the time you find it easy to do what is right because you were raised to do so. Every once in a while, you find yourself where doing what is right causes great pain or loss. Maturity means that you do it anyway. The reward in your heart and spirit for doing so will more than compensate for the cost of making the difficult decision. Do you question how to know what is in your highest good? Your heart does not question. Your heart knows. Quiet your mind, welcome your fears, love them into your arms, embracing that of which you are unsure. Then listen, the whimpers of fear are wrapped in loving kindness and the way is made plain. Trust yourself. You, the real you, will always come through. Fondly, Maralda

Do we grow frustrated when circumstances call for us to be braver than we believe ourselves to be? We can learn to be brave, to set our intentions for only the highest good and to love ourselves enough to see the way ahead free from fear and trepidation. Today, I want to give my own spiritual maturity the chance to do what is hard. Namaste

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