Into the Forest

We come to you in Love hoping that you will accept our guidance. You have been particularly anxious in the last few days--things have gotten to you that would have not been a challenge earlier. You jump to the conclusion that this is your anxiety speaking. It is, but you have the power now to say "no... I will

acknowledge my struggle and stroke its needs but I will not give in to these negative thoughts and actions." You can forge ahead. We say this in love because you have met your depression and anxiety in the deep forest of your mind. You must find a clearing and stand there until you find yourself ready to turn and walk into the forest again. Fondly, Maralda

There are few of us who do not struggle with depression at least at sometime in our life. Maralda is calling us to find the place where we can love that which we struggle while we are loving ourselves. Can you find that place today where you can stand in your inner forest and know that you can walk forward? I know you can.

wst in tree.png