In Sync with Your Yearning

There are many things distracting you in this moment. Only you can "put them in their place" and be about the doing of the work you were called to do. When you let those things become established in your head, you become unable to banish them. Send them now to where they belong--somewhere away from your daily thoughts. If it is necessary, they may be addressed on another day but this is not the day. You must learn to see the signs that you are veering off in directions that are not important to you today. In the branches of the trees blowing in the wind we are whispering to you to return your focus to that which awaits you when you determine to press ahead. See yourself succeeding. See yourself being in sync with your yearning to fulfill your sacred calling. See yourself as one with All There Is. You are cared for. Fondly, Maralda

These are times when it is easy to become distracted from the direction in which or true journey is taking us. At times like this, distractions are more common than quiet times and noise threatens to make us unable to hear, much less listen. The challenge for this new day then is to find just a moment of peace to claim for your spirit..

wst in tree.png