Inner Work Illuminates

We have been quiet while you have been working so hard on your current endeavor. We see the courage and perseverance with which you approach your task. We would like to remind you that your work does not require perfection, it only requires that you grant the Light to shine through everything that you do. Inner work illuminates outer work and sometimes you, as do many others, put more time into your outer work than is wise. It is time to travel inward, deeper this time. We will be with you. Encouraging others to seek the Light they carry within is one of your callings. Because that is so, your relationship with us and with your true self waits to be amplified. Fondly, Maralda

Are you, like many of us a closet perfectionist? Do you have a hard time letting go of whatever it is that you are doing until you believe it to be without human error or flaw? Whatever it is you are doing, can you trust the Inner Light to shine through? May we get out of the way of the Light of the Spirit.

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