True Courage

When you have finished doing what is in this moment, there is another moment just ahead requiring its own courage and love. You must not give into fear except when it will keep you safe. Know, however that the difference between easy and safe is something you may find yourself working on over and over again. Once you learn true courage your need for the feeling of safety will diminish and the strength to do what requires courage will find you in unexpected ways. Do not despair, growth is slow and knowledge is elusive sometimes. Just persevere. Fondly, Maralda

Miranda's teaching today left me with this question: When faced with difficult decisions do I always know the difference between easy and safe? As I continue to grow, will I instinctively know that I will be safe even when my pathway requires courage? When we listen to our inner wisdom it will keep us safe. When we look into our purpose it will give us courage. May we be brave.

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