What is there except hope? You can surround yourself in a haze of despair, anxiety, and confusion or you can blow away that very fog with a mighty puff of breath that says, "no, I want to breathe in all that Spirit has to give me. It matters not your physical condition, financial fears, or pain of loneliness. Spirit longs to give you hope. You confuse hope with instant miracle. Hope simply means that you are willing to wait, that you are ready to hear, and that you will find the courage to step into whatever Light is in front of you. This mean loving yourself enough to be there when Spirit reveals your next step. Fondly, Maralda

Today Maralda challenges me to walk in hope. It is so easy to give in, to say "I can't". They call us to say "I can". We may not see the results of waiting for next steps and staying true to our vision. May we be patient.

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