My Inner Truth

I want my inner truth to be the plumb line for the choices I make about my life -- about the work that I do and how I do it, about the relationships I enter into and how I conduct them. -- Parker J. Palmer

Some mornings, we wake up ready for the day, no matter what it holds. How delightful this is to wake up in alignment with our inner truth, enjoying the gifts of blessing that the Divine Presence has in store for us today. When we are out of alignment with our inner truth we may wake up anxious and fearful of what the day may hold. Sometimes, though those times are rare, we may just happen upon our Inner Truth. For most of us, though, we come to know ourselves through rough times and hard times and times when the Divine Presence seems (though isn't) just beyond our reach. The blessed thing about delight is that when we treasure it and live in gratitude, it will see us through the next hard time. Here's to delight! Namaste

Gentle thoughts: Does your day hold delight for you? Are you out of alignment with your Truth today? If so, what would it take to change that?

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