The Seeds You Plant

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

We tend to end each day with “what did I accomplish today?” The magical part of that process is that most of what we accomplished we don’t really see. We don’t see the effect that a smile brought to a lonely person, or a kindness to a rebellious teenager. We don’t realize that when we hold a door for a young mother pushing a stroller or an older man navigating a walker, that we have given them a great gift, and, in turn, given ourselves one as well. We don’t always remember that we started to process a situation with which we were dealing today and when we come away empty of solution that those small seeds of creativity are planted which will one day—perhaps the next—give us the inner guidance that we seek. We don’t need to come away each day with a “Wow! Look what I accomplished today!” All we need to retrieve from each day is a sense of gratitude that, even if we do not know the outcome, we tried our best to help a fellow or sister traveler, or gave ourselves the courage to love. And Love is the greatest seed of all. Namaste.

Gentle Thoughts: Remember to be grateful at the end of this day for all the seeds, seen and unseen, that you were given the opportunity to plant in your life.

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copyright Carol L. Chambers