Mother Nature

"Make each day truly new, dressing it with the blessings of heaven, bathing it in wisdom and love and putting yourself under the protection of Mother Nature. Learn from the wise, from the sacred books, but do not forget that every mountain, river, plant or tree also has something to teach." - Paulo Coelho

Time and again we return to Mother Nature for her beauty, nurture and the gift of ultimate Truth—that we are sustained by her and dependent upon her for our every need. Just like a newborn cannot fend for themselves, we cannot fend for ourselves without the graciousness of our Great Mother who shares her bounty with us. We somehow come to think that we are somehow responsible for the benefits we gather in our life on this plane. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her energy of Pure Love bursts forth and embraces us in her arms of creativity, growth and bounty. In returning her embrace we learn humility, gratitude and kindness. And it is so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Mothers are everywhere—themselves the gift of the Great Mother. Celebrate!

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