Let Each Voice Sound Forth

"The more we let each voice sound forth with its own tone, the more diverse will be the chant in unison."— Angelus Silesius

It is hard to believe in this “evolved” world of ours that there is still so much fear of diversity—particularly in faith traditions. It is as if our own tradition is threatened if we embrace another’s. This failure to celebrate and embrace differences will not serve us well in the end. Tolerance is not the answer, although it is a start. Gratefully treasuring each expression of the Sacred is what will lead us to our understanding that We. Are. All. One. We fail to understand at times that “unity” does not mean that we all believe the same; rather it means that difference does not matter at all. Love, kindness, compassion towards each other and the world is what will save us from a world devoid of meaning and a life unfulfilled. We “chant in unison” because we sing in the synergy of difference. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: No matter your belief system, can you stretch your ability to accept another’s today?

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