In Balance

“When I am in balance with the vibration of the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets I am ultimately connected to the Universe.” ― Debbie A. Anderson

Every thing, every animal, every person, every part of the cosmos has a vibration which pulls us into the ultimate vibration so that we can understand just how inextricably we are connected and included in the Universe. We get caught up in our role while on this earth, or what “we” should be doing. And, indeed, we all must do our part. But if our part is out of alignment with the universal vibrational expression of Love, our “parts” will not matter. We must never forget that we are not in this alone, that our brothers and sisters of all sentient beings including Mother Earth herself, are in this with us. We are all one. We are all vibrational energy and together we find ourselves enveloped in Love and Purpose. Our purpose, as circular as it may sound, is to be in balance with that very energy that vibrates within our souls and calls us to recognize that we are One. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Can you feel the vibration today in the rocks and trees and lakes that surround you, the birds that sing to you and the people who call to you to fully become a part of All There Is?

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copyright Carol L. Chambers