Revering Our Own Life

“How do we nurture the soul? By revering our own life. By learning to love it all, not only the joys and the victories, but also the pain and the struggles.” —Nathaniel Branden

Nurturing our souls is the most sacred of tasks with which the call to Love graces us. We stand in awe of a life that is gift in totality. Sometimes this is not so easy to do. We hurt, we struggle, we are confused, we may even despair. Our souls will wither and fail to flourish if we are unable to find the reward in all those dark times. And, ah, when joy comes again, we stand in gratitude and cherish the moment. What if, just what if, we could learn (and it is not an easy thing to do) to whisper “thank you, Essence of Life, for granting me another time of growth and greater consciousness of how my soul longs to grow”? It may always be a whisper, someday we may be able to speak it aloud. Though the discomfort is real and felt, we grow our soul in Beauty and Truth. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Can you find a way to whisper or perhaps shout, “thank you” today?

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copyright Carol L. Chambers