As you allow the beloved to grow within you, you will discover a steadfastness to the spiritual journey.--Jean Houston

The path to awakening without constant tending can sometimes lie dormant in the hectic and chaotic lives that many of us lead. We have good intentions; we promise ourselves and the Sacred within us, that we will follow the yearning of our hearts to seek and grow into higher levels of consciousness. As long as we are relying on ourselves to further those good intentions; we are bound to slow down, perhaps, even put those intentions aside as we pursue that which we feel we need to survive. We may lack understanding that this longing for a deeper understanding of Love and Light comes only from surrender to the knowledge that we are already beloved and that, if we can get our Selves out of our own way, our journey will not waiver. It is the nature of the Energy of Spirit to keep our journey steadfast and secure. May it be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Can you surrender to the knowledge that you have the beloved within you and allow yourself to listen to the call to Love?

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