Notice Your Breath

“So when you inhale and exhale, notice your breath and realize God is dwelling in your chest.” ―Trinka Polite

Except for those who are suffering from a respiratory illness, breathing is such a natural process that we almost never stop to think about the incredible, amazing process that enables us to breathe and to completely revitalize our bodies with each breath. No one breath is more important than the other and every breath is important. So it is with the recognition that the breath is a message that the Holy and Divine live within us and surround us with Sacred Breath. Perhaps the easiest spiritual practice known to humankind is the recognition that every time we breath in we are breathing in the Love of God and every time we breath out we are sending that Love into the world. As we focus on our breathing we are able to take more in and give more back to the world. Our focus on our breath calms us, nurtures us and centers us. It is our pathway to the heart. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Can you devote at least two minutes today to really notice your breath?

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