Sacred Places

“To encounter the sacred is to be alive at the deepest center of human existence. Sacred places are the truest definitions of the earth; they stand for the earth immediately and forever; they are its flags and shields. If you would know the earth for what it really is, learn it through its sacred places. –N. Scott Momaday

Many of us have “sacred places” that have grown more sacred over our lifetimes. These may be certain lakes or waterfalls, beaches, mountains. There are famous sacred places as well where many agree they are luminous—those places that enable us for a moment to stand in that finely drawn line between this world and the Mystery of All There Is. “Thin places” these are called in Celtic and other traditions. And when we stand in these places we can glimpse and grasp the oneness of where we stand and the call to go beyond to fully understand the call of the earth to join in its yearning for us to understand that there is no distinction between humans and animals, or trees, or oceans, or the tiniest of flowers under the leaves that fall unnoticed in the great forests. The longing of all of us to encounter these special places, these places so full of Spirit that we cannot ignore the drawing of ourselves deeper and deeper into the Divine reminds us that we are all created in, sustained in and fulfilled in Love. And so it is. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Have you been to one of your “special places” lately?

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