Suddenly You Know

And suddenly you know; it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

As surprising as it seems, the passion of doing a new thing does unexpectantly appear in our hearts and we know that it is time to move on. We realize that a relationship is toxic, an activity is not going anywhere, or our bodies are crying out for our care. Now, of course, had we been paying attention to the little things, we might have seen these things coming. But…the vast majority of us simply do not and so these new beginnings spring fresh from months (perhaps years) of quiet yearnings. When those particular whispered callings find their way to the top of our listening “pile” they spring like daffodils daring the snow and we suddenly know that we must DO something. Then we are challenged again—to embrace the trust in the freshness of that first step and the change begins. We become new again as we trust ourselves and the Universal Love that longs for us to “trust the magic”.

Gentle Thoughts: What new magic is waiting for you today in your first step into your next endeavor of change as you grow your heart and soul?

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copyright Carol L. Chambers