Love Means Acceptance

Love means acceptance. What are we going to accept? We are going to accept this world of ours which is around us and within us. --Sri Chinmoy

We are called upon each day to accept situations that we are not prepared to accept. They take us by surprise, perhaps knock us off our feet. So many of us hide our grief or feelings of loss, pretending to be “fine” long before we are ready to do so. We need to grieve so that our losses do not overtake us forever or our hearts are hurt so badly that we carry this need to “accept” long after we are learning anything from it. We grieve when people leave us or friends forsake us; if would be strange if we did not. Our lives are made up of people whom we love; loss is inevitable. But it is not to be feared or hidden from. Our love blossoms in our losses; our hearts are open to take in the world around us in love and anticipation of what is to come. Take your time, dear ones, your hearts will heal; the sunshine will come, and hope will set you free to find the “aliveness” that comes from acceptance yet again. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Whatever the nature of your loss can you commit yourself to beginning the road to acceptance today?

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