Rooted, Flowing

I am rooted, but I flow.--~ Virginia Woolf

We plant ourselves deep in the earth, determining to be able to withstand the strongest wind of adversity with courage and resolve. And this is good; for the winds do blow and life gets hard. But strength comes in many forms; perhaps you are in a place where the most authentic response is to go with what is happening—to flow with the feelings that rise up within you from your current adversity always knowing that this does not diminish the roots that you have worked so hard to send into the heart of Mother Earth—connecting with her strength and resilience. Flowing brings its own form of enlightened being—knowing that we can experience the floating with what lies before us undergirded by the trees whose roots do not wither. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: When adversity or discouragement comes, can you both flow and stay rooted and connected to your source of strength?

wst in tree.png