Life Purpose

“Your Life Purpose is your North star in the dark night as you navigate your canoe. It is the compass by which your soul directs your life journey.” ― Itzhak Beery

What is your purpose in life? We start asking ourselves or others start asking us somewhere around our late 20’s or 30’s. The truth is that we often grow into the knowledge of our Life Purpose, oftentimes inspired by something we have experienced, observed, or come to love. Purpose is different than passion, although our purpose will have far more meaning if we experience the passion of yearning when we engage in the sometimes small steps toward our Life Purpose. When Night comes upon us and we feel that our Purpose has somehow run screaming into the woods, abandoning us completely, we need only look up and set our sights on the North Star where our Purpose remains obvious to us even in the darkest of nights. We may navigate our canoe our of the dark waters in painfully small strokes, but the Divine in us, the North Star created by Spirit to lead us on never fails us. And so we keep going in stokes large or small toward that to which we are called. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Are you being guided by the North Star tonight? Trust that your Life’s Purpose will not abandon you, it will only become brighter and brighter as we explore.

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