Finding Light

“You don't find light by avoiding the darkness.”~~S. Kelley Harrell

It is hard to accept times of darkness into our lives, our hearts. But they come, nevertheless. We feel out of control—lost for a way to understand what is happening to us. But Divine Light is there waiting for us to accept the darkness so fully that we allow Light to shine through it. For once we have taken the darkness inside and held it in a warm embrace it disappears into our hearts, is transformed, and we can see the Light. But we must never forget that the path towards the Light leads through the darkness of life; for, otherwise, how would we recognize the Lightness of true Peace and Love. May our journeys through Darkness into Light be a time of learning to love ourselves into deeper being. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Are you facing a dark time in your spirit today? Can you love, even for a short while, that darkness and love it into the beginnings of Light?

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