Energy Pathways

“By opening blockages in the energy pathways and reawakening our innate ability to sense energy flow, we can recover our health and natural balance. When we develop sensitivity to ki, we will be able to reach our body's potential.” --― Ilchi Lee

There are as many names for the process of removing blockages from our energy flow as there are understandings of how that energy flow works. The name for the parthway is not what is important. It is a process of turning inward to travel through your body in thoughts and feeling and find where the energy or ki (chi, qi) is slowed or comes to a screeching halt. When we reopen those places, gently and lovingly removing the walls that we, for many reasons, have developed, we can literally feel the energy begin to flow again. For some this is a physical process resulting in a pulsing surprising flow through various parts of our bodies that have felt sluggish, or even painful. For others, it is a mental or spiritual process where we feel ourselves come into alignment and we find all expressions of ourselves moving in the same direction with single purpose and process. Immediate release for some or working to discover the nature of the blockages and tenderly encourage them to embrace freedom of space and clarity for others. We walk on in our journey to wholeness and peace. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Where do you feel blockages today? What do you want to do about those blockages?

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