Spiritual Adversity

A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures.--James E. Faust

When we find ourselves in the midst of chaos or confusion that causes us great spiritual pain, we can surrender to the depths of that pain or we can refuse to acknowledge its presence. Most of us doubt at times; we wonder what the Universe is up to or why we can’t seem to find immediate access to feelings of unconditional Love. We experience loss and we question. Looking closer we find that a miracle awaits us. We embrace all that seems to overwhelm our spirits, and we are created anew. Our experience in this time of confusion serves us well when the next one arrives. We discover new levels of compassion and kindness to those who find themselves in similar spiritual circumstances. We learn to allow our immersion into new depths of spiritual self-awareness and we celebrate our courage to love ourselves into rebirth and renewal. And so it is.

Gentle Thoughts: What can you celebrate today that you once experienced as adversity in your spiritual life?

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copyright Carol L. Chambers