The Realm of the Spirit

The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit.~ Angeles Arrien

We do not often link the ideas of healing and creativity in our thoughts about Spirit. Nevertheless, the linkage is not only logical, it is magical. When healing is taking place, it is through the creativity of our bodies to make themselves new. Our bodies recreate themselves at amazing rates; and, yet we seldom stop to appreciate the constant regeneration of our cells, our energies, and our very being. This is true whether we are in a period of health or a period of illness. And we may be creatively moving towards greater and fuller health or toward a peaceful, graceful transition into another state of being. Creativity requires the very same sense of surrender to the Spirit. One can try to be creative and one can study to be creative; but the truth is that we are creative only when we enter the place where Spirit is All That Is and we are thrown headlong into the explosion of creativity that produces an experience identical to the recreation of our bodies. We cannot control either, we are gifted by both. May we know it to be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Are you willing to surrender to spirit today in creativity in body and soul?

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