Your Natural State of Being

“Meditation is an excellent habit and tool for transformation, however your ‘practice’ should eventually evolve into your natural primary state of being.” ― Gary Hopkins

Many people throughout the world practice meditation. They retreat into solitude and clear their minds focusing on their breath or mantra of whatever they find to work for them. And transformation happens, wisdom happens, growth happens, understanding happens. What becomes difficult is the 24/7 living in that meditative state. Not the alone, solitude, quiet time; but the ability to stay ready for transformation in the most mundane of activities. Or, even harder, in the times when one is frustrated, ill, or, perhaps worst of all, angry. We struggle to pause and allow that which we bring with us from our meditation practice into our current moment. We must always tell ourselves that it is not called meditation “perfection” for a reason. We are always practicing, training, if you will, for the opportunity to bring that peace, understanding and unobstructed, pure Love into everything we do. Until then, we practice. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Pick one activity today that you can do in a state of meditation.


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