Divine Garden

In a world filled with doubt step into a garden to know Divine Intervention

exists.--— Mary Maude Daniels

At a time in your life where things seem more than you can bear, look to Spirit to provide you with such a garden—maybe even a secret garden where you can sit and be still and allow the Holy to roll over your heart and soul and begin to see that life is not as hopeless as it appears. This does not have to be an actual garden. There are many such places waiting for us when we allow ourselves to go deeper into the places in our spirits where such things dwell. In the midst of pain and despair we can learn that to visit such a garden (you may have a gift of a physical one nearby) and go there just to be with the flowers. And we learn for ourselves that beauty and peace lie in the smallest of flowers and that we can reconnect with ourselves in the midst of that beauty. Sometimes we struggle to make that connection; but looking closer we may very well find ourselves in this place of peace and spaciousness and receive the strength and joy to celebrate another moment, and another day—no matter the challenges that may lie ahead. And, so we sit in the midst of color and the most intricate of designs and fill ourselves with the knowledge that the Light of Awareness surrounds us with healing and wholeness and yearns for us to draw it into our hearts. May it be so for you today. Namaste.

Gentle Thoughts: Do you need to find such a garden today? Can you give yourself permission to sit and be loved?

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copyright Carol L. Chambers