The Forgotten Place

If the desert is holy, it is because it is a forgotten place that allows us to remember the sacred. Perhaps that is why every pilgrimage to the desert is a pilgrimage to the self. There is no place to hide and so we are found.--Terry Tempest Williams

If you visit the White Sands Desert in New Mexico, one of the most beautiful places in the world, you will see miles upon miles of white sand, rippled by the wind turning the sand into a great ocean of wave after wave of sand. The ranger at the entrance will be clear about one thing however: come back long before the sun starts to fade as many people have gotten lost once the sun had stopped showing the way back to your car. Even in the sunshine one can lose their bearings and become separated from their way out of this beautiful place where the temperature drops rapidly after sunset. This beautiful desert can become a metaphor of our experience of our inner desert—those very deserts that we journey to in search of answers to the great questions of our lives. Just like in the miles of white sand, where there is no place for disguise, we come face to face with such a barren, yet beautiful place in our hearts. When we allow ourselves to be truly and fully known we always return to the safety and security of our own soul who knows the way out. The desert is a barren place—a place where we are all that is. Our soul shows us the way to the deepest parts of ourselves—those places which cannot be hidden in the bright light of day and gives us the courage when we commit ourselves to the pilgrimage to find our deepest selves. May it be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: Are you ready to visit your desert today? What have you to learn?

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