The Sacred Hoop

And I say the sacred hoop of my people was one of the many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. –Black Elk

A wonderful song that has become popular in certain faith communities is “Draw the Circle Wide”. It reminds us of the need to draw the circle of community wider and wider. Yet, there are so many ways in which we draw our circles so small that many more people and other portions of creation are left outside the circle than welcomed in. Wise people of great spiritual maturity have always called us to see the world as a circular process where, as Black Elk sees it, that the many hoops of all the processes in the world come together in one large circle with a great tree in the center nurturing everything that comprises all the other hoops. Political rhetoric, social and cultural norms, and fear of the other, keeps us from embracing All There Is. Reaching out in Love, we can make a difference as we illustrate through our own lives the sacred oneness of Life and Light. May it be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: How can you encourage your community to “draw the circle wide” right where you live ad love?

wst in tree.png