Directly from the Universe

“This is how early age people heard music, not through their ears above the cacophony of modern life but directly from the universe into their souls.” ― Bryan Islip, Like an Angel Sings

The movement of the Spirit is much like music. In the early ages, people experienced the voice of Love directly into their souls without all the trappings of modern life. Both music and Spirit was a visceral infusion of nurture of the Heart of humankind. And there are still persons of great spiritual maturity that can experience this direct inflowing of the music of the Spirit directly as did the Mystics, Saints, and Shamans. What does this say to us today? That we must empty our lives of all that would prevent both primeval music and the working of the Spirit in our souls. It cannot be filtered through the lenses of all that transpires in our lives each day. Just as music cannot be thoroughly enjoyed if there is a racket of worldly noise going on at the same time; Spirit cannot speak louder than our ability to clear the way for us to hear. May it be so. Namaste.

Gentle Thoughts: Can you hear the Universal Music of Spirit directly in your soul today?

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