Equally Present

“I am equally present in all beings and show the same face to all creation; none are favored, none are hateful, and none dear. But those who love Me with brimming heart become absorbed in Me, and as they dwell in me, I am revealed dwelling in them.” ―Sri Krishna

The Sacred is universal. The sacred is found in every person, every living being. The same Sacred no matter we as humans have chosen the vocabulary to express it. We forget this. We vilify certain groups by saying that their “brand” of Divinity cannot possibly be accurate. Why? Because the words they use are not the same words that we use. Even within traditions, this happens. The faith world that I grew up in and practiced for many years would have difficulty (and has) understanding that my expression of the Sacred has changed, expanded and become more inclusive of others’. We must not let our past understandings, however well-meaning they are, or were at the time, limit our growth into grasping a broader truth, that Love is Divinity and is articulated in hundreds of ways and in many, many traditions (and in no traditions) at all. We apologize for saying that we worship at the top of the mountain, or at the crash of the waves. We apologize because some of us have been taught, according to our original tradition, we must hold tightly to the truths of our childhood lest they become less true. This runs counter to the unfolding of Love in the world. We hold the expression of this Universal Love in the way that it matters to us most and seek to allow others to do the same. May it be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: How has your understanding of the divine, the sacred, the energy of the world changed?

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