Honest with Ourselves

Our lives improve only when we take chances ~ and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be Honest with ourselves. ~ Walter Anderson

Why is it such a risk to be honest with ourselves? Perhaps we have hidden so deep those aspects of ourselves that we do not want to see that we don’t really know how to be honest with ourselves. This is where stillness comes in to give us the space to experience what we really feel about ourselves and the world around us. In the stillness of mindful meditation, we learn to let thoughts flow without judgement. Once we enter into the world of judgement we give up all hope of discovering who we are and what constrains who we could be because our egos immediately start telling us who we should be or should think. As we sit in stillness and let the thoughts drift across our minds (as they will because that is what thoughts do) we discover what comes into our thinking when we focus on the breath or whatever we have chosen to have as a home base. We can let those thoughts go and bring ourselves back to the present where we can only live one moment at a time. This is honesty, that this moment is all we have in which to live and live in it we must if we are to have any understanding. This is taking a chance to fully live in the moment, being honest with ourselves about the fragility of life as we come to know ourselves in the very moment in which we are. May it be so. Namaste

Gentle Thoughts: What effect does judgement have on your ability to be honest with yourself and others?

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