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My Photography

Although I have expressed my explorations of nature and spirituality in various creative ways throughout my life, currently I work mostly in photography.  I focus on nature photography and am gradually doing more with enhanced digital photo/artwork.  Below is a carousel of recent photos.  I hope you will look at as many as you wish as a way to focus on all that nature has to say to us.  I am grateful to Great Mother Earth for bring me joy, awe, serenity, spirituality, and, oftentimes, great fun!


Original Memes

I also post original social posts are published on FaceBook and Instagram under the name Winged TreeSinger, the name given to me by my Spirit Guide.  New posts are created and posted at least twice a month so I would also like to invite you to Like and Follow my FaceBook page, Winged TreeSinger-Photographs, Memes, and Writings by Carol L. Chambers .  You can also do that by clicking on the button at the bottom of each page.  I hope you will find those posts meaningful and share them with others.  My own story is reflected in every one. Please click on the arrow to enjoy some recent ones.   

Music from Pond5 and licensed in accordance with their terms for this website.

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