Celtic Chakra Balancing

          The Celts believed that all of life moved in a motion that is spiraling in nature.  I noticed as I studied Celtic traditions that I only needed to look at the expression of Celtic Chakra system to see an immediate difference in perspective.  It is an interesting alteration.  Elen Sentier, prolific author in all things Celtic, describes the system as a spiraling system.[1]                                          The Celtic Chakra system, like many things Celtic is described as a spiral.  In explaining the spiral path, she refers to the triskele (three spirals connected to each other).  She notes that it “spins and spirals its way through the Celtic chakra system”.  While the traditional understanding of chakras forms a straight line from base to crown, Celts would understand this as representing simple linear time. The spiral, however, contains “both the cycles and the sense of progression but without the restricting points of continuous outward expansion or continual return to the same place.  It is more in alignment with breathing and of both continuity and newness.”

          The ordering of the chakras when doing Celtic chakra work is quite different from the usual linear approach.  You begin at the heart center and then go down to the heart’s partner, the solar plexus.  From there you spiral up to the throat chakra and then go down to the sacral center just below the belly button.  From the sacral center, you spiral up to the crown center.  She warns against staying centered in the crown center as it is easy to drift away.  At that point, you spiral down to the Base Center (the Root Center).  From there you go up to the brow center.  The brow center is the place where all the threads from the other six centers come together and are “integrated into a wholeness that is you in this lifetime.[2]


[1] Sentier, Elen. The Celtic Chakras. Winchester, UK: Moon Books, 2013.

[2] http://www.dailyom.com/cgi-bin/display/librarydisplay.cgi?lid=3079

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