Energy Healing

When Carol works with Energy Healing whether in person or at a distance, she utilizes a three-fold approach to that work.  There are three ustrates the three elements that contribute to Carol's Energy Healing and Shamanic Work.  She is a  Level III Reiki practitioner and she uses the Celtic form of Chakra balancing as well.  Finally, she is a follower of Shamanic Ways and performs certain Shamanic practices.  Carol's energy work is centered in one principle.  "I believe that all the Universe vibrates with Cosmic Energy and the vibrational waves sing to our hearts, our cells, and our spirits.  We cannot be separated from the Earth if we are to be whole, healthy and authentic in this lifetime.  All these traditions insist on grounding in the reality of the sacred land on which we live".  

Celtic Chakras

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A note about Chakra work from Carol:

While it is not necessary that everyone who would like to experience sacred listening or become a soul friend experience the practice of chakra balancing and clearing, I find it beneficial to know that I am coming from a centered and balanced place both when I listen attentively to another's story or when I tell my own story. Perhaps meditation such as this would be meaningful to you as a way to enhance the other work that you and I might do in a soul friend relationship.  Namaste.  Carol

Because  the Celts believe that all of life moves in a way that is spiraling in nature, it is not surprising that they approach the balancing or order of chakras in that same spiraling fashion.  Elen Sentier, an expert in Celtic traditions has described this understanding in detail in her book The Celtic Chakras (Winchester, UK: Moon Books, 2013).                                   


Traditionally the chakras are described in a linear fashion, one chakra building upon the other.  However, when one utilizes the spiraling method to order the chakras, there are certain relationships between the 7 chakras which may become obvious to anyone who is working towards greater understanding of this system.  The Celts do not believe in simple linear time (which they believe is implied when the chakra system is presented in a straight line) and their understanding of the chakra system reflects that.  By using the symbolism of the spiral, the Celts note that energy does not move in a straight line, but, instead, spins and spirals through the energy centers in the body.  Sentier suggests that the spiral contains “both the cycles and the sense of progression but without the restricting points of continuous outward expansion or continual return to the same place.  It is more in alignment with breathing and of both continuity and newness.”


The ordering of the chakras when doing Celtic chakra work is quite different from the usual linear approach.  See the diagram on this page.  The spiral model begins at the heart center and then descends just slightly to the heart’s partner, the solar plexus.  From there the spiral ascends to the throat chakra and then down to the sacral center just below the belly button.  From the sacral center, one follows the spiral to the crown center.  Sentier warns against staying centered in the crown center as it is easy to drift away.  At that point, the spiral proceeds down to the Base Chakra (the Root Center).  It is from the Root Center that one continues the spiral to the brow center.  According to this model of the Chakra system, the brow center is the place where the understanding of the integration of the other six energy centers lives and becomes integral to how each person both experiences this lifetime and expresses themselves while they are on this plane.