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From the opening pages:


While the path may be unknown at times,

the journey is always a tender calling from Spirit to our spirits—

a yearning to see us in sacred relationship

with the holy or transcendent, with our precious selves, with each other, and with the earth.


For those with Mental Illness, the path may take unexpected, painful turns that we do not understand. No one's path is independent from another's; all are nestled in the sweet manifestations of Spirit's longing for relationship.


This book is devoted to understanding mental illness and spirituality as interwoven in our life journey. As we are tender with ourselves, each other, and the earth, our kind-hearted passage in this world can open new vistas of spiritual depth and love.

From the back cover:

Welcome to my wonderful, wild--

often difficult--always meaningful life. 


I am a "wounded healer". I also live with mental illness and have done so throughout most of my 65+ years. At 63 I experienced a life-altering physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual disintegration; and, at last, a long-awaited diagnosis. Since that life-transforming and life-giving experience I have journeyed the pathways of exploration into the profound relationship between spirituality and mental illness.

This book is a gift to myself—a “coming out” of the shadows and beginning to live my own truth and claim my own story.  This story tells of the transformation of unrelenting pain—spiritual, mental, and physical—into a wholeness that allows me to fulfill my calling from the Universe and live in healthy and fulfilling ways. My spiritual journey has been a protracted one weaving from conservative Christianity to Energy Healing to Shamanism.  I am an Ordained Minister, a Level Three Reiki Practitioner, a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner, and a Shaman-in-Training.  I am an artist, poet, writer, and musician.


Not all, and perhaps few, will discover their sense of wholeness in the ways that I have.  My only desire is that this book will encourage others (and those who love or work with them) to be open to looking at mental illness and spirituality in creative ways.  That is all I did—I opened my mind and heart to looking at my mental illness as a spiritual gift and my sacred transformation as a way to expand my understanding of mental illness.  I invite you on a most marvelous, magical, mystical journey of hope. --Carol L. Chambers

Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite


                       [This book] is a memoir and spiritual odyssey...  It is the story of a woman who lived with a mental illness for six decades before discovering that bipolar disorder had caused her so much depression, anxiety, addiction, anorexia, and the spiritual restlessness she’d suffered since childhood. It is a story of anguish and pain,  but also a surprising tale of healing  and deepening spirituality.

In a voice that is strong, confident and compassionate, the author shares her story from childhood, unveiling the deepest wounds in her heart and the numerous challenges when it came to holding onto life and developing strong and healthy relationships. Her quest for a deep spiritual understanding intersected with her malady. Her journey was one of discovering the truth about her mental illness and unlocking the wells of spirituality that would transform her entire life. Carol L. Chambers’ perception of life is exemplified in this book and as the reader turns the pages, they begin to understand the connection the author develops with Mother Earth. There are so many spiritually rich passages for the reader to appreciate and enjoy. The Journey of a Wounded Healer is inspiring, a story that encourages readers to learn to listen to the spiritual voice that speaks from their hearts and to find the hidden oasis in the desert of life. Written in great prose and in symbolic language, this book will compel readers to seek healing in that which causes them pain.

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