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This is a special program based on my own journey to authenticity, wholeness, and coherence which will guide you in the mystical, sacred storytelling of your own life. This process is comprised of six different components.  

Roots and Branches

This is a particular process which encourages those who journey this pathway to look for and discover the inter-weavings and transcendence in both the past and present in their lives. It will give you a chance to go deep into your roots and notice and connect the spiraling times when you may not have been aware of the connections whether the times were troubled and full of confusion or those awash in sunshine and success. Looking at all of these times and the spiritual and psychological pathways that coincided with various events, phases, and specific times, lends itself to finding ways that those pathways all intersect to create an authentic and coherent storytelling of your life.  Most of us have told our stories in one way or another; however, exploring those pathways with new eyes and clarity invites you to discover that these pathways when explored as a spiraling, mystical journey generate the wholeness—in all its complexity—of your story.

Click on the buttons below to see how different pathways
are used in this process to knit together the telling
of your whole and authentic story. This is a highly personalized 
process and you and I will decide together how much
interaction and guidance along the way we will have.

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--Sacred Listening—one-on-one consultation by Zoom, Messages through our
FaceBook group or Messenger or Email.  


--Special Resources for Organizing Your Story

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Communication--Weekly Emails with Suggestions
for Next Steps and Invitation to Respond

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--Shamanic Practices to Enhance Discovery,
Coherence, and Authenticity


--Meditations Designed to Deepen Exploration into the Process

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Creativity in Art, Song, Dance, Drumming, or Chant


--A Community of Those along the Pathways for
Journey Sharing and Feedback 

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--Zoom meetings with other participants as appropriate

If you are interested in finding out more about each component Please click on "Read More" to take you to additional information.  If you would like to send me a message, Please use the form below or email me by clicking on the button.   

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Above the Clouds

And what about fees--First of all, I believe that every healer, teacher or practitioner has the right to set his or her own fees and I bring no judgement to that. However, I have spent years of my life being unable to take advantage of many opportunities that were beyond my reach financially.  So, my passion to provide a service such as this in a way that anyone who wishes to participate can do so leads me to this-I would ask that those of you for whom it is comfortable to contribute financially to this program I hope that you will do that according to what your own heart is telling you.  I will use whatever you send to further my web presence and make it possible for more to participate.  However, and this is a big "however", if you find yourself called to do this work, but this is not a time when you could afford to pay a fee, please don't let that stop you from reaching out.  I've been there (and, for the most part, still am). I am committed to this work and I think that if you invest your time and heart, you will be too.  Your commitment (and therefore energy exchange between you and me) lies in your own work and in what you return to the community (in your insight and passion) to the rest of those following this pathway. Living and understanding your fullest, most authentic life is one of the greatest gifts that Great Spirit gives us.  Come along on this journey...your heart is waiting. If after you become involved in this program you decide that you wish to donate through Paypal toward this work, you can click on the Donate button below. Remember, this is completely optional. 

Please contact Carol with any questions or comments.

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