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These meditations are my gift to you. You may observe that I am indeed a visual and verbal storyteller at heart as most of my meditations are created as stories. I hope that you will enjoy engaging with these meditations as much as I enjoyed creating and producing them for you and your life journey.  

In this easy 5 minute meditation

you will experience becoming one

with an element of nature. 

It will leave you with feelings or gratitude and relaxation.  

When you are feeling tired or

tense, this is a good meditation

to bring self-healing to your body

and mind.  This enjoyable

meditation brings relaxation

and refreshment.

This meditation is a deep exploration

of the role of blessing in your life. 

You will be invited to explore

several aspects of blessing

and ponder specific relationships in your

life and in the world.

This is a vibrant meditation

which will balance your chakras

and leave you with a feeling

of alignment and joy in the

colors of the natural world.

This is a Celtic version of chakra clearing and balancing. It follows traditional Celtic beliefs including that the chakras are best
harmonized in a spiral fashion. 
This is a deep yet light-hearted meditation
which leaves the listener with abundant joy and ease.  

This is a meditation for those who may be looking for some inspiration in your creative life.  Follow the pathway to discover your spirit ally or muse to get you started or re-started down your creative way.  

IAll music is supplied from various artists on Pond5 in accordance with their licensing agreement.  

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